A careful observer, looking for mammals, could come across fifteen or more different species.  The smaller mammals in particular, form an important link in the food chain.

Rabbit, Fox and Brown Hare are seen often and sightings of Roe Deer are becoming more common.

Weasel and Stoat, with its distinctive black tip to its tail, can be seen occasionally with Mole hills in evidence throughout the year.

 Of the rodents; Brown Rat, Wood Mouse, Field Vole, Bank Vole, Common Shrew and Pygmy Shrew are all known to breed on site. The most frequently reported species is the Grey Squirrel, mostly in the Wood Yard where the bird feeders are an attraction. Harvest Mouse was recorded but has not been sighted for some time.

Bats can be seen in the summer months but although the species have not been identified it seems likely that one of the pipistrelles hunts on site.